About us

Our identity

QES is a savvy source of recruiting in the UK education sector, assisting individuals in pursuing their dreams of studying abroad. A firm that conducts academic research in the United Kingdom.

Regarding QE Services

With a wealth of knowledge spanning more than five years in student recruiting, QE services recently launched in India. We assist students and their families with every step of the process of studying abroad, including choosing a university and course, submitting an application, seeking support with the visa application.

How we act


By following the greatest standards of personal integrity and fostering an environment at work that values respect, openness, and transparency, we continuously aim to win the trust of our clients, customers, and business partners.


We give advice and guidance of the highest magnitude, with the greatest results for our students always being our top focus in each of our operations.


We can offer comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge because we are experts in our field. We take pleasure in our knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning, which enables us to continuously improve our offerings in order to better serve our clients.



Since we understand that every customer is unique, we tailor solutions with humility and empathy in order to provide the greatest results.


We are aware that QES works with local and international education communities. We work hard to make sure that our operations improve those communities’ quality of life.

Our Actions

In order to assist people be accepted into their desired course, take an English language test, we specialize in integrating human experience with our cutting-edge technology.

Placement of Students

In order to assist students in enrolling in their ideal foreign course, QES combines expertise and technology. Our international digital platform links top organizations, services, and alumni with potential students.  In addition, QES collaborates with top universities and organizations in the United Kingdom.

Believing in a sustainable future

QES is dedicated to creating sustainable futures and enhancing the quality of life for both our clients and employees. We have a number of collaborations set up with the goal of empowering local people and preserving the environment where we operate.

Our Vision

Community, Caring, Expertise, Integrity, and Quality are the values that guide us. These principles are demonstrated by our employees, clients, and work. Our teams’ ability to contribute to the outstanding service we provide is made possible by our dedication to our ideals.

Our Mission

In order to complement our human experience and contacts, we have been modernizing our business by creating an unrivalled global dataset and digital platform. It is now time to realize our vision of creating a connected community to help people with global ambitions on their route to achieving lifelong learning and professional aspirations. We have already provided our global platform.
The goal of QES is to create a community and worldwide platform that will help international students achieve their career and lifelong learning goals.